Regular Member Meeting In-Person w/Dinner & "Virtual" Zoom


Please join us for the in-person Regular Wednesday Dinner Meeting. 

Bar opens at 5:30 pm

Willie will serve dinner at 6 pm

Meeting starts at 7:30 pm

3rd floor seating for dinner (and maybe the bar will be open up there too).  If you don't want to attend in person, no worries.  The Zoom info is below, so you can watch the broadcast live if you choose.  I'm just happy you're joining us!

And now for the rules, which are necessary to reiterate for the wellbeing of all members and guests.  But first let me say, let’s work together, you know, as a club, to make our environment the safest it can be by doing really simple things:

  • As always, masks will be required anywhere inside the building.  If you are seated and not eating or drinking, you MUST wear a mask.  Please and thank you.


  • WA Liquor Laws require that no one is allowed to stand and drink inside the building.  You MUST be seated to drink alcohol.  PLEASE PLEASE adhere to this simple rule.  This is one of the things that WILL put our liquor license in jeopardy. Sit, drink, sit, drink repeat.
  • On the 2nd floor, please order your drinks NOT from the bar, but from the stand-up table to the left of the bar.
  • On the 3rd floor, please order you drinks from the 6' distance line, and pick up your drinks from the hallway side table.  WA Liquor Covid Laws require that we do not receive orders or serve orders directly from the bar.  Simple rule.
  • Dinner and Meeting seating on 3rd floor is limited.  Stake your claim early!  There will be NO standing for a lack of seats during the meeting.  In other words, if you are not in a chair, you are NOT allowed on 3rd floor during the meeting.  This is so we stay compliant with WA Covid Mandates.  Trust me, I will have a live mic during the meeting, and I will educate those who are not participating in this rule.


Smooth sailing!

Terron Lindholme


ZOOM INFO will be emailed to members, placed on Facebook and in the Members Forum on this website on Wednesday morning, May 12th, 2021.