Tarettes - Treehouse Warehouse Christmas Volunteering

Join other women in the club as we help prepare the Treehouse Wesrhouse for Christmas shopping for foster kids.You must use the link below to sign up individually at least 48 hours before our shift begins. This is policy protects any children who might be on the premises.


We'll fold and tag clothes, shelve or display goods, talk, laugh and enjoy ourselves while helping make the holidays joyful for kid and teens without permanent homes. Afterward, we'll grab lunch together with those who can make the time. it's a great way to build friendships with other Tarettes. Carpool from QCYC. 


Please use the link below to register directly on the Treehouse site.




Questions? Call or email Barbara Wilson at 206-276-3874 or bmwballard@gmail.com

Pre-payment required?: