Amazing Broadband Radar for sale

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#1 March 10, 2012 - 3:02pm

Amazing Broadband Radar for sale

We just upgraded our SIMRAD Broadband radar which allows us to offer our previous SIMRAD BR24 Broadband radar for sale.

This radar is amazing.  Very different technology....

No magnetron, instant on, no main bang; see objects 6 feet from the boat!, super safe, super low energy emissions (0.167 watt vs. 1 watt for a CELL PHONE!), very low power draw, automatic harbor and open water modes, dual guard zones, 24 mile range, etc.

Less than one year old.  Comes with BRAND NEW main cable (only one wire to run), mounting hardware, radar interface module, more!

Contact Barry Rutten at or 425-949-2815

$750 for QCYC members.