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#1 July 27, 2012 - 9:32am
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Detroit Diesel Mechanic

I respect the fact that some club members are in this business and certainly encourage the membership to support our brethern first. However, sometimes circustances require us to look elsewhere for solutions, so I bring this referral forward.

I recently had my Detroit 8.2s serviced by Adair James of AJ Marine Repair (cell: 206-992-7396). Over my 16 years of ownership, Adair has effectively provided everything from seasonal tune ups to a complete engine rebuild (from the crankshaft up). He is very honest and forthright as to what needs to be done, and is very fair in his pricing.

He was working at a Detroit shop when I first met him and am confident to comment that his knowledge spans all Detroit models. As for other manufacturer's, I would say to give him a call and discuss. He'll tell you right on the phone if he can or can't do it. He's got 40+ years experience and has worked on virtually everything that floats in Seattle and Alaska, recreational and commercial.

A good mechanic is invaluable.