Docks Committee Schedule for June, 2018

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#1 May 25, 2018 - 11:27am
Chuck Gould

Docks Committee Schedule for June, 2018

Did you know that every member of QCYC is eligible to turn out for Docks Fun Day?  Really, it's true. You don't have to fill out an application, wait to be accepted, or even pay any dues. Just show up and have a great amount of fun.

With so many new members, we're nearly all running into folks we haven't gotten to know yet. A great way to expand your circle of friends among fellow members is to take advantage of opportunities to participate in committees.

The Docks Committee meeting will be Tuesday, June 5, at 6:30 PM. We meet on the second deck, where we eat pizza, drink beer, and finalize our plan of attack for the following Saturday's "Docks Fun Day".

Docks Fun Day! Don't miss out. We'll feed you breakfast, and then find something productive, enjoyable and within any limitations of skills or physical abilities. In June, Docks Fun Day is Saturday, the 9th. Be on the second deck at 8:30 AM; prepared to do a little bit of work and have a whole lot of fun.