East Link Construction Underneath the East Channel Bridge

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#1 May 11, 2018 - 3:44pm

East Link Construction Underneath the East Channel Bridge


Sound Transit has an important message below:

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to provide an update about East Link construction work occurring underneath the East Channel Bridge that will be noticeable to boaters. Sound Transit’s contractor is currently working to retrofit the East Channel Bridge for future light rail construction and operation. To do so, crews have installed suspended work platforms below the bridge. These platforms hang approximately 10-12’ feet from the underside of the bridge deck and have reduced boat clearances to 59’ in some areas.  


The main channel will remain navigable but may be narrowed as work continues from east to west and platforms move from pier to pier. For safety, when work is occurring, boats will be directed around the suspended platforms and additional amber warning beacons have been installed to warn boaters. All boaters should be vigilant and navigate with care around the East Channel Bridge.


Please let me know if you additional questions.




Zack Ambrose

Community Outreach Specialist – East Corridor

Design, Engineering and Construction Management

Sound Transit

W 206-903-7176


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