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#1 November 15, 2017 - 1:12pm

Excellent Boat Detailer

I found an affordable boat detailer who is as OCD as I am.   Angela came as a referral to me from several friends who use her annually, and they raved about her work.  I'm here to rave about her work as well.

Angela charges $35 a foot, plus $500 for materials (She only uses Griot's Garage supplies).  I was amazed at her attention to details.  She was unhappy with how her polishing compound was working on our boat (I guess I waited too long to have it polished and waxed), and with no additional charge to us, she bought a more course polishing compound to really get the gel-coat hazing off our boat.

Angela made our flybridge seating the cleanest I've seen it since it was new.  She also polished ALL the stainless on our boat.  Our fiberglass boat hasn't shined like this since we've owned it (And I've had numerous other companies detail it over the years).  She also scrubbed our canvas clean of the bird droppings that have collected on the roof.  

All of her work is inclusive of the price.

The company is:  Age Of Detail and the owner is: Angela Gilham 

You can reach her at ageofdetail@gmail.com  or (253) 878-4648  I have found she is most responsive to her email.  I've already booked her for a thorough spring cleaning in May.

Terron Lindholme

Anchor Babe