Fall/Winter Cruising Questions

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#1 September 17, 2011 - 9:17pm

Fall/Winter Cruising Questions

We took delivery of our new boat in April of this year (2011) and just got the oil changed at 164 hours, so we're using it!  We installed a pretty nice 30,000 BTU Webasto hydronic heating system, with the intent of doing fall/winter cruising, conditions permitting.  Since we're new to off season crusing, we'd appreciate reading some perspectives from more exprienced year-round cruisers.

Some questions:

1. Do you boat in the fall/winter?

2. If so, how often?

3. Where do you like to go?  Winslow?  Where else?

4. What wind speed keeps you at the dock? We have a 30 foot planing flybridge boat, with inside helm station as well.  We know the boat can take more than we can but we'd rather be fairly comfortable.

5. If we don't winterize the boat, what are the "dangers" with galley and head sinks, toilets, etc.?  We have engine room heat as well as cabin heat.

6. How do you dry raincoats and boots and stuff in tight quarters with no wet locker and no cover over the cockpit?  We have heat in the small head area.

7. How do you prevent mold/mildew?  We have some low wattage air movement type heaters.  Do you use the crystals? A dehumidifier?  Do you close up the boat and then try to keep the interior at a lower humidity level or expose it to fresh but humid outside air?

These may be very basic and/or silly questions for you long time boaters but I thought I'd risk looking silly in the hope of learning from the more experienced and hardy members.

Thanks for any input you may have on any of the above. Feel free to go beyond my questions....I'm ready to listen and learn. We want to keep the inside dry and mold/mildew free but we want to USE the boat as much as we can, even just for short overnight or day trips.


Barry Rutten

M/V Salty 30 Commander