Fire Pit Up & Running!

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#1 September 17, 2019 - 1:10pm

Fire Pit Up & Running!

QCYC Members, 

The club is happy to announce that the fire pit is up and running! The controls for it are located on the rail outside next to the firepit. Simply turn the dial timer on, and it should light within 30 seconds. Please be aware that the red button outside is only for emergency shut offs. 

If the fire pit is not working, another member may have used the emergency shut off. There is a key inside on the bar. We have attached it to a flyer holder. You can use the key to unlock the emergency shut off button and then turn the dial to get the fire started.

If you use the key, please keep it tethered to the flyer holder and return it to the bar for the future. We hope you all enjoy this new feature at the club. Have fun!

Click the image below to take a look!

- Mark Reed, Commodore