Instructions for Vendor Dock Access

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#1 March 23, 2020 - 9:15am

Instructions for Vendor Dock Access

While the Office Manager is working from home, she can unlock the Dock doors for a TEMPORARY period of time, as well as the Main Entrance Door if you need a restroom break.

In addition, the Office Manager will not open doors outside of office hours (8:30am-4:30pm). You will need to keep your work within these hours. Please work with us and limit your in & out entries as much as possible.

Ring the doorbell to the right of the door and the manager will verify:

- Your Name

- Your Company

- The QCYC Member Name/Boat Name

While we are doing our best to provide access during these challenging times, it is not guaranteed. You are welcome to email the Manager at in advance to confirm availability. There are times where the Manager is in trasit to and from the club, and can miss doorbell requests if not notified of anticipated arrival time.

Please check back at this calendar DAILY to ensure that we are still offering dock access. Members who have hired you should be ready to provide access in the event the club does not offer it.

Thank you for your understanding.