Interim Moorage Rule Update

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#1 May 7, 2020 - 4:34pm

Interim Moorage Rule Update

Please See the Member's Forum section of our forums for details on the Interim Moorage Rule Update. 

On Friday, May 1st, Governor Inslee laid out, “Washington’s Phased Approach”.  This Phased Approach will be the compass for how QCYC gradually navigates back to something that looks like the old “normal”.

While strictly adhering to the WA Phased Approach, we are temporarily changing a few aspects of moorage at our facilities.  Our goal is to allow more members the ability to safely enjoy our facilities throughout these challenging times.

Therefore, in order to ensure safety and fairness to our members, we are immediately instituting the following Phased Approach changes to the moorage rules at the Main station and the Outstation.  These changes are temporary, but will directly follow WA’s Phased Approach.  Further adjustments to these temporary rules may be made as needed to meet the State's Phased Approach.

The details are here:   Member's Forum

In addition, for those inquiring about the status of our guest moorage at the Reciprocal Dock, it has been closed until further notice. Please check back to our announcements on the home page of the website as King County progresses through each Phase.

Be Safe,

Terron Lindholme, Commodore        

Margaret Krows, Vice Commodore

Michele Bedner, Rear Commodore