It's Time for QCYC Annual Updates!

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#1 October 19, 2019 - 1:28pm

It's Time for QCYC Annual Updates!

Hello QCYC family!  Colleen Rutten here. 

Now is the time to confirm that you are properly represented in our 2020 Annual.  It's all about you!!

Your details:  If you've had life changes (marriages, relocation, boat changes, etc) or changes to your personal contact information (email address, phone numbers, etc), you can convey those updates by either:

  • Self updating via the QCYC website under the top menu, Forms > Roster Update Request (which will send the updates to both the office and annual mailboxes - please note, there is a delay between your submission and the info being updated online; the process requires the Office Manager to manually upload a web roster update. Please be patient.)
  • Emailing the updates to (which will come only to me)

Your photo:  If your photo is missing or needs a refresh, you can remedy this by one of the following ways:

  • Attend the 10/23 or 11/13 meeting and have a photo taken.
  • Upload a digital photo via the QCYC website (Forms > Roster Update Request > Photo).
  • Provide a digital photo via email to