It's Time to Sign Up for Daffodil

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#1 March 7, 2013 - 4:24pm

It's Time to Sign Up for Daffodil


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It’s Daffodil Time!!!


The Tacoma Yacht Club Daffodil Festival is being held the weekend of April 19, 20 & 21.  We’re hoping for a big turnout from QCYC.  We’ll get an excellent position in the TYC boat basin during the event (grouped together) if we have a good showing of registered boats.  We want to show all of Puget Sound that Queen City is an active, fun boating club!!  Other clubs have already begun registering their boats, so please don’t delay, as the deadline is fast approaching on March 22nd!  We’re hoping for at least a dozen boats.  You can register directly at the TYC website:


All the details on the event, with full menus, agenda for the weekend including a hypnotist on Friday night and other important info is on the TYC website at:


Past Commodore Don & Judy Wilson on Hey Jude will provide the Flagship boat in the Parade.  Dave & Michele Bedner will once again provide their prize-winning boat Merleau as the Decorated boat entry.  We’ve ordered 3,500 daffodils to decorate both boats and we’ll need your help to decorate both boats on Saturday.  The always inventive Scott Grimm will arrive by RV and deploy his creative team but we need your help as well, since this is a big job! The two decorated boats will be in a boathouse, so please track us down and join in the fun! We need at least 8-10 people to help decorate the boats! 


Pre-Daffodil Fleet Captain Cruise

Your Fleet Captain has arranged a “pre-Daffodil” cruise for those of you interested in adding a little extra boat time on the water to your agenda. The Outstation Chairman has decreed that you can bring your boat to Winslow the weekend of the Outstation Clean Up, April 13 & 14th, and leave it there afterward to be ready for the Pre-Daffodil Cruise.  Easy!!  Although I’m assuming he expects to get some work out of you in exchange for his flexibility! 


We’ll start out at Winslow on Monday April 15th and then head to Blake Island for 1 night on Tuesday April 16th.  Then it’s off to Gig Harbor and Arabella’s Landing for two nights, Wednesday & Thursday April 17th & 18th. We’ve reserved space for 10 boats.  The marina requests that you register with them directly at (253) 851-1793.  No pre-pay needed.  We’ll have access to their meeting room for some group fun and cheer as well as all the great amenities Gig Harbor is known for, including a group dinner at Tides Tavern.  I recommend the smoked seafood platter…..yummy!  Please let me know if you’ll be attending some or all of the pre-Daffodil cruise so we can do some planning and let the marina know our boat count.


Then, based on what time you have selected to arrive at TYC, we’ll meander over the short distance to Daffodil on a “staggered” basis, so as not to overwhelm the dinghy crew gently nudging boats into place.  Then get ready for a weekend of fun!


Last thing: We need your support during the Trivia contest (we have QCYC Team Shirts!) so bring those brains brimming with brilliance and obscure knowledge!  We’ll need to select & “dress” a club representative for Trivia: Chuck Gould??  Scott Grimm?


Fleet Captain Barry Rutten or 425-949-2815 cell