Jan is making me do this! Norcold deck fridge/freezer available, free

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#1 April 20, 2018 - 3:31pm
Chuck Gould

Jan is making me do this! Norcold deck fridge/freezer available, free

When we bought our boat several years ago, it came with a Norcold Teck II refrigerator/freezer. It sits in the middle of our cockpit. We have almost never used it.

Never, except for a time of two. When we take off for an extended summer cruise, there's a sort of battle of the sexes over our galley refrigerator. I always think we should put all the beer in the refirigerator, first, and then see how much room is left for milk, eggs, mayo, etc. Jan thinks we should put all the food in, first, and then see if there's any room left over for beer. When this argument comes up on an annual basis, I always *win* by relocating all the beer to the deck fridge. (That'll show her!)

We have decided to add an auxiliary fridge to the galley. We won't be using the deck fridge/freezer at all.

So this old beast is maybe 15 or so years old. It's got some rust on it. In fact, it ain't a-tall purty. Last few times we have plugged it in, it has worked as expected. It's an AC/DC system...(and I'll pass on Seattle centric bad jokes).

My plan? Wheel a dock cart down to 278, hoist the thing up out of the cockpit, unload it into the dumpster, and call it done.

Jan says, "We can't just throw it out! It still works! Somebody might want it!"

Just like the annual argument over whether beer or food will be prioritized in the galley fridge, I'm going to "win" this one by going along with Jan's idea. After 47.5 years being married to the most wonderful woman in the world, I have learned a thing or two about winning arguments!

So if somebody wants to take a (last time we plugged it in it was...) working Norcold deck fridge/freezer of our hands, free of charge (we don't plan on paying to have it removed) let me know- or be the first person with a dock cart down to 278 and as they said in the days of iron men and wooden ships, "haul away, boys". (Do leave the plywood table top, if you would, thanks).

It comes with a guarantee. If it falls in half midway between 278 and wherever you plan to take it.....I guarantee you own both halves. :-)

If the deck fridge/freezer is still there after Opening Day, I'll win the argument by resorting to Plan D. (D, as in dumpster).