Logboom or Anchoring Out on Opening Day?

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#1 April 26, 2012 - 9:41pm

Logboom or Anchoring Out on Opening Day?

Are there any members either tying to the logboom or anchoring and rafting up along the parade route?

We'd love to join you but we've never done this before so we'd like someone to take us under their wing and show us how it's done.

We've heard there are quite a few folks who've anchored and rafted up in a QCYC group.  Can we join you?

Any advice on tying to the logboom without damage to the swimstep and the rest of the boat?

Any tips on anchoring out? Best locations?  Can you run a line to shore?

Always wanted to watch the parade from a boat instead of from land.  Now that we have a boat, it's a little intimidating!!


Barry Rutten

M/V Salty, a 2010 Commander 30