Long Cruise Winding Down

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#1 August 17, 2016 - 9:01pm

Long Cruise Winding Down

We are in Olympia now with plans to visit the farmers market tomorrow and dine at Hearthside tomorrow night. 

Big Brivet received fantastic help today from Pete Collins who helped diagnose why our transmission stuck in reverse as we were trying to dock. It appears that we broke a cable. The cable is out now and will hopefully be replaced tomorrow with Pete's help.   If not, we'll get a mechanic to help Larry reinstall it. In the meantime, Big Brivet is in a shambles  

 Today's very low tides resulted in an early departure for BB and a more leisurely departure for Nirvana from Jarrels Cove.

New flash: the state park is putting in 110 at Jarrels Cove soon  It is a lovely spot as the photo below will attest