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#1 April 20, 2019 - 10:39pm

Main Station Security

Some general comments related to the Commodore's recent email on the need for increased survellance. With the assets in the parking lot and especially on the docks, it seems we are a bit late in dealing with the current and unfortunate realities of Seattle. I was suprised that the webcams were not feeding a DVR.  Probably pointless since the cams are not located or designed to capture actionable images of the crooks and thieves we need to lock up.  

Some thoughts:

Signage warning that the premises are under 24/7 video survellance (already posted somewhere?)

Ground level tamper proof cams aimed at walkable entry areas (2nd deck entry/driveway, on driveway exit keypad, mid-lot telephone pole, Cummins Hall building).  

Programmed DVR so specific motion triggers (during high risk hours) will send an alert image to a designated list (security chair, extended stay members).  If image is supicious, security firm is called.

Strongly suggest seeking professional security experts to recommend a wholistic approach to main station security.

Rodger McKinley