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#1 February 14, 2009 - 11:44pm

Moorage Waiting list

How does this work?

I'm not bitching just asking the team here so lets not go nuts. I asked before and got so confused.


It seems that members that have a lower member number go in-front of the person that has a higher number but the higher member # got there name on the waiting list sooner. Am I wrong?

Example: Just for shits a giggles
I’m member 10 and had my boat on the list on 10-10-2000
Member 2 had there boat on the waiting list on 05-10-2001
Does member 2 go in-front of member 10 when a slip is available or does member 10 get offered a slip first since that member had there name on the list before 2?  
(same size boat)