Murphys Diversified Services (Boat Detailing)

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#1 August 5, 2009 - 2:19pm
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Murphys Diversified Services (Boat Detailing)

While he was doing said for another member on Dock 2, I approached Dave Murphy of Murphy's Diversified Services for a complete external vessel detailing . We set a date and expectations for the project. The project started late due to the extreme Jul./Aug heat, but once underway, it proceeded as planned and finished on schedule.

Murphy's completed all tasks as promised and to expectations. Three things that I found better than previous detailers;

      1. Murphy does a two phase effort. During the first pass around the boat he uses a seperate polishing compound to clean up the finish, then goes over the boat again applying a seperate coat of Collonite liquid wax. All previous detailers used the blended 3M polish/wax, (read one pass around the boat vs. two), and called that good. The two pass process coupled with a unique coat of quality wax allows me to think I got a better effort / product for my money.

     2. Murphy uses a polishing device with two counter-rotating heads (vs. the common Makita single, big bonnet). This appeared to leave little or no swirl marks.

     3. Murphy's price also came in 15% below what I've paid in the past.

At the time of this posting, his cell number was 928-502-2706

Yes, I'd use him again.