Opening Day Shuttle. Thanks to Denny Ward!

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#1 May 6, 2018 - 10:17pm
Chuck Gould

Opening Day Shuttle. Thanks to Denny Ward!

Thank you, Denny Ward, for coordinating the Opening Day Shuttle. This is probably the 4th or 5th year you have adopted the thankless task.You spent Opening Day weekend trying to be figure out who has, and who hasn't shown up for their assigned shift. Good for you. It's a huge amount of work.

And a super thanks to Captain Ken Phillips who, once again, donated his personal pontoon boat for our use.

That said, if we can't get two actual shuttle boats in 2019, I would suggest we run just one, instead. A 6 person legal capacity inflatable running back and forth with a "Queen City Shuttle" sign hanging from the console is pretty embarrassing. Large groups insisting they be transported together, well beyond the rated capacity of the boat, put our club and possibly the member running the dinghy-shuttle at substantial risk, should anything happen.

I ran the dinghy shutttle on Friday as well as Saturday. People were mad that when I stuck to the rated capacity of the boat. Other people made comments like, "I'm not going to get into that, I'll wait for a real boat".

If we're going to run dinghies next year, perhaps there are members with higher capacity boats available?

If not, running only a single shuttle would make more sense, to me, than running a clearly second-class additional boat.

But, bottom line? Thanks for Denny Ward and Ken Phillips for stepping up for QCYC...