Outstation bet resolved

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#1 June 11, 2009 - 3:49pm
Chuck Gould

Outstation bet resolved

Earlier this year, two of us entered into a bet. At issue was whether the rate increase from $5 per night to $10 per night at the Winslow outstation would prove to be such a deterrent to members actually using the outstation that actual revenue would *drop* in 2009. We agreed that the losing bettor would donate $100 to the QCYC Junior Sailing Program.

The recent action by the board of trustees to reduce the rate to $8 per night, (and increase the rates at the Ganges and Deer Harbor stations from $0 per night to the same $8), generally skewed the variables to a point where it would have been impossible to resolve the original question regarding $10 moorage. There was a clear trend established during the first half of the year; but we didn't bet on a "trend".

Jim Bailey and I mutually agreed to donate $50 each to the QCYC Jr. Sailing Program.

Thanks, Jim, for being such a good sport.