Scuttlebutt on Everett Marina

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#1 August 22, 2019 - 3:33pm

Scuttlebutt on Everett Marina

We finally moved to the top of the Everett slip waitlist for our 34’ sailboat.  Now we’re trying to decide whether to take it.  The drive is shorter than our current slip on the Hylebos Waterway (Tacoma), but we’ve come to really like the marina we’re in now.

Can anyone provide info on:

1.  How easy is the Everett Marina staff & management to deal with?  Do they take good care of the marina?

2.  What’s the security situation?  Do things left on deck have a tendancy to disappear?

3.  What are the prevailing winds & currents in the harbor? Which slips are preferred?

4.  How good is the sailing up there?  Are there nice sailing winds?  

5.  Any other thoughts?


Kaye Brunson & Eric Lindbeck