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#1 August 10, 2015 - 7:13am

Superb Marine Electrician

My thanks to Commodore McGrew for reccomending marine electrician Darin Ferrell to me.  Recently had Darin aboard Event Horizon to trouble-shoot problems with both of our gensets (the Tolly 48 came with both 6Kw and 12Kw Westerbeke gensets!).  Both would start and run, but neither was lighting up the boat's power systems.  In the course of trouble-shooting and repairs, the boat now has new breaker boxes, Blue Sea breakers and new wiring harnesses in the lazarrette, and the boat's on-board power generating systems are 100%.

Darin is a great person to work with.  If I recall correctly, he spent 10 years in active duty as a marine technician in the US Coast Guard, to include duty aboard ice breakers on trans-oceanic surveys.  Aside from his top-shelf/perfectionist skills, Darin is also more than willing to share his knowledge and help educate owners in all aspects of their boat's power distribution and eletrical systems.

I'm so impressed with Darin's work that I'm going to have him come back and survey, then diagram, our Tolly's basic electrical systems (and, he can provide either hand-drawn or CAD-generated schematics!), then replace our 31-year old/original AC and DC Panels with Blue Sea's 365 modular system.

Below are a couple of pics Darin provided of an AC/DC panel rebuild he did on another Tolly 48.

Darin's contact info:
Darin Ferrell - Owner/Operator
Mariner Electric