Cruiser Navigation (Log Race) Class

Hi All QCYC Members & Ralliers, 

Classes - We will hold basic intro classes next month for the sport of Predicted Log Racing, now called Cruiser Navigation Rallies. 

There will be a class at the club on the evening of Tuesday, January 8th at 6:30pm for the intro class. During the weekend, Saturday, January 12th - time TBA depending on Seahawks game - we will do a boat timing and practical handling demonstration on a member's boat on the lake. Perhaps we will pick your boat to time for you and show you how to handle/run a race/rally. 

All members and friends are welcome, just let me know if you will be coming to one or both sessions. Also, this is a good time to introduce new members and others to the PLR/CNR, so reach out to anyone. 

First of the Season Race  - will be the weekend of January 26th with the race/rally on Saturday afternoon. All members, friends and family are invited to participate; either as racers/rallers, crew members, observers, or in any way. Race/Rally info will be sent shortly and posted on the IPBA website. We espeicallly need observers so if you know of anyone who would like to go for a boat ride, see a race/rally actually run, have a free lunch and a free dinner. . . please invite them and let me know. 

Thank you, 

Bob Lindal, Regatta Power Chair

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