What's What at QCYC

Pride of Queen City

A gathering of members and spouses who volunteer to spruce up the clubhouse and grounds. A great time to meet fellow members and usually a meal is complimentary. Every member is encouraged to participate. There is also a cleanup that is scheduled every spring at Winslow.

Fleet Captain's Events
Social events catering to a smaller group sometimes involving cruises. The Summer Cruise is usually seven to ten days with some planned events and a lot of free time for yourselves.

Friday Night Socials
Casual gatherings at the clubhouse where we share a meal. Usually these meals are prepared by the members and are both delicious and reasonably priced.

Opening Day
A large celebration hosted by Seattle Yacht Club every first Saturday in May. Because of our close proximity to SYC, we host six yacht clubs in our reciprocal moorage and offer them a shuttle back and forth to SYC. We usually offer dinners on three evenings and a band at least one evening and encourage members to volunteer and participate in these festivities. This is a great family-friendly event with crew races, decorated boat parade and lots of delicious food.

Memorial Day at Winslow
A family friendly event where boats start arriving as early as Wednesday and celebrate until departure Monday. This is a popular event and boats raft-out sometimes three wide on the docks. If you have a special need or wish you'll need to come early or contact the chairperson of the event. Usually the event includes 2-5 meals (reasonably priced with children's options and pricing), games for the kids, a park and grocery store within walking distance and a request that you contribute an appetizer one evening. The Memorial Day Service is always wonderful.

Fourth of July at Winslow
This is amazing! There are pony rides, an antique auto show, a large arts and craft fair, music and a street dance, face painting and other rides in the park, a pancake breakfast in the grocery store parking lot and best of all the Parade. The QCYC Bridge rides in the parade but we also sponsor adecorated boat(float) with all the QCYC kids aboard. Add to that a few meals that we share as a club in the clubhouse, and this is the highlight of the summer. The same docking situations apply to this event. Usually there is a dock master who will be available by radio. Volunteers are always needed to decorate and prepare meals.

Founded in 1943, theTarettes women’s group sponsors many fun & friendship making activities at the Club, including a Friday night social in September, the Captain’s Dinner in December and Opening Day Breakfast ion May. All women of QCYC are considered members and are encouraged to participate. In addition, Tarettes serve at Memorial Services for members.

Predicted Log Racing
QCYC has a long and successful tradition of competition in lograces with Grand XIV Yacht Clubs. The hardware (trophies) are displayed with pride at the clubhouse. Anyone is welcome to compete and skill sessions are held to help racers plan their strategies. Races are hosted by Queen City, Meyden bauer Bay, Bremerton, and others. When QCYC is host, observers are needed on the boats and this is a great way to get a firsthand look at Predicted Log Racing.

Labor Day at Winslow
Another long weekend at our beautiful outstation. Details much the same as our other long weekends.

Special Peoples Cruise
Every December Seafair in partnership with yacht clubs in Seattle sets aside a day to decorate the boats and take "specia lpeople" on a short ride through the cut, down the 520 corridor to encircle a boat where Santa lives. This is a very special event for all participants at this special time of the year.

Friday Lunch
Every Friday, lunch is Served at QCYC. You are welcome to bring guests and the bar is always open. The ladies try to play dominoes while the guys sometimes are checking on their boats. All are welcome to join in.

Ship's Store
We love to wear QCYC apparel. The women who run Ship's Store are always finding new ways to tempt us into shopping and they do agreat job. The storeis always open before the general meetings, on all Friday Night Social nights and sometimes on Friday lunches. Their schedule is usually printed in the Bilge Pump. The quality of our products is top-notch.

This synopsis is to help the new members navigate all of the activities at Queen City Yacht Club. It is not complete but hopefully it helps to welcome you into our family. Join in and have a great time.