Vessel Electrical Safety Inspection - All Docks

Event Date: 
Saturday, April 16, 2022 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

Vessel Electrical Safety Inspection

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One benefit of Queen City membership is a free electrical safety inspection. All members may signup to bring their vessel to the U for a voluntary inspection. Effective March 14, 2022, the vessels described in the following club rule are required to pass an electrical inspection at least once every two years.

Club Rule 3.04.02: The following vessels shall pass an electrical inspection as described in this rule: (a) vessels moored on a permanent, sub-assignment, or seasonal basis at the Mainstation; and (b) vessels moored at the Mainstation or Bainbridge Island Outstation obtaining shore power on a non-ground fault protected connection.

Captains who sign up for a given date are taken on a first come - first served basis until the limit of participants is reached. Your vessel will be inspected at its assigned moorage (Inspectors come to you). The sequence in which vessels are inspected is up to the discretion of the inspector. Inspectors will work until all registered vessels are inspected (weather permitting.)


Inspector will not board the vessel unless invited. Inspectors and Captains are required to wear personal protective masks if requested by either party.



  • A  responsible person who knows the location of the vessel circuit breakers and operation of the vessel electrical equipment must be aboard during the inspection.
  • Inspector will ask Captain to turn off all AC breakers and inverter, if equipped.
  • Inspector will then turn off pedestal power and insert test equipment.
  • Inspector will check power cord and connections for compliance with rules.
  • Inspector will re-energize power pedestal and instruct Captain to turn on AC power transfer switch, main breaker, inverter if equipped and all AC sub-breakers in sequence.
  • Inspector will conduct electrical imbalance tests on all AC equipment on board.
  • Test equipment will be removed and the Captain will be given a copy of the results.

Captains are asked not to engage the inspectors in lengthy conversations as there are many vessels to be inspected in a given period. Inspectors have a troubleshooting information sheet to leave with any interested Captain. Please contact the Event Chair with any questions.

EVENT CHAIR:  Tom Wilson  206-391-3110

LOCATION:  QCYC Main Station.

DATE / TIME:  April 16, 2022   0900 to 1200 or until all vessels are tested.


Chair contact email: