Vessel Electrical Safety Inspection - Bainbridge Island Outstation

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All vessels assigned moorage or applying for moorage are required to pass a vessel electrical safety inspection every twelve months.  Per Club Rule 3.04.02:  Every vessel moored at Queen City Yacht Club at the Mainstation on a permanent, temporary or sublet basis, every vessel assigned to winter moorage at the Bainbridge Island Outstation and every vessel applying for new permanent moorage or sublet, shall be required to pass an electrical inspection as described in this rule. The inspections will be conducted by electrical inspectors appointed by the Club.


NOTE: For members moored in Puget Sound this opportunity will save you a trip through the locks. Except for winter moorage boats, inspections at Bainbridge will take place anywhere on the outside of the U. Rafting is allowed. 


Captains who sign up for a given date are taken on a first come - first served basis until the limit of participants is reached.  Your vessel will be inspected at its assigned moorage (Inspectors come to you). The sequence in which vessels are inspected is left up to the discretion of the inspector. Successful completion of this electrical inspection will qualify your vessel as meeting the requirement for one year from the date of inspection. 

In order to maintain social distancing, no inspector will board the vessel, unless the vessel's power receptacle is NOT visible from the dock. Inspectors and Captains are required to wear personal protective masks.



  • Inspector will arrive vessel and ask Captain to turn off the AC main breaker(s). Inspector will then turn off pedestal power and insert test equipment.
  • Inspector will check power cord and connections for compliance with rules.
  • Inspector will then re-energize power pedestal and instruct Captain to turn on AC main breaker(s) AND all AC sub-breakers.
  • Inspector will conduct electrical imbalance tests on all AC equipment on board and record the results.
  • Captain will be given a written copy of the results and test equipment will be removed.

Captains are asked to NOT engage the inspectors in lengthy conversations about results as there are many vessels to be inspected in a given period. Inspectors have an information sheet to be signed and left with the Captain.

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