Minutes of Planning and Finance March 5th, 2024

Planning and Finance Meeting Minutes 

Tuesday, March 5th, 6:00 PM Zoom Meeting 

P&F Committee Members: Chairman P/BC - Mark Weiss, P/BC - Gerald Fey, Jeff Ohlstrom, Jan Gould P/T, Terron Lindholme P/C, Commodore Michael Day

Guests: Acting Treasurer Joyce Carlson P/T, Vice Commodore Doug Genord, Rear Commodore Doug Wadden 

Excused Absences: Board Chairman Barry Stolzman


Opening Comments: Planning and Finance Chairman Mark Weiss. Call to order 6:07 – review meeting outline.


Approval of Minutes:  Motioned by Feb. 6th by Jan.  Approval was unanimous. 


Bridge Reports: 

-Commodore Michael Day:

  • Notice from the estate from Peter Lang that he gifted in his will some equipment in a shop in West Seattle.
    • Need to evaluate the equipment and decide if that is something that the club wants to acquire.
  • Ray Rebello has resigned as Treasurer.  Replacement nomination, election and swearing-in is expected to be complete in the last meeting of March or the First meeting in April.


-Vice Commodore Doug Genord:

  • Met with the City of Seattle regarding the claim with the flood from the water main break.
  • Contacted Century Link/Lumen and dropped 4 lines and should save $3,500 a year.


-Rear Commodore Doug Wadden:

  • Willow tree to be removed approx. $4000, Stump will remain.
    • Permit $482
  • Need to plan to add budget to support recruitment of new membership.


Board Report: Barry Stolzman, Board Chairman:

  • No Report / Absent


Treasurer Report: Joyce Carlson: 

  • Financials for March are underway and will be delivered by Sunday 3/10.


Old Business:

  • Review of the financial deficit will take place with Jeff, Joyce, and Mark in the upcoming weeks.
  • “How did we get into the deficit?”  Planned for the budget surplus but in the last year was overestimated and fell short.  Tabled this until the financial review is completed.
  • Mark to send a letter about the Street-end permit lease regarding the bond requirement from the city.
  • Mark presented an update to the Dock 3 construction related to the SR520 replacement project.
  • The dues vote is coming up on March 13th.  Should have a contingency plan for a second vote in case it's needed.


New Business:

  • VC’s Budget review.
    • A good projected membership number is June’s membership count – 15.
    • Line-item discussion
      • What is the number of additional 50 Amp outlets we can support?
      • Doug to schedule a meeting to for Mark to share the electrical project information.  
    • Investing the T-Bills coming due – $489,000. How should it be reinvested?
      • Discussed and P&F thinks reinvesting short term is a good idea.


The meeting closed at 8:15 PM.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, April 2nd at 6:00 pm Zoom Meeting.









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