Minutes of Planning and Finance October 30th, 2023

Planning and Finance Meeting Agenda 

Monday, October 30 6:00 PM Zoom Meeting 

P&F Committee Members: Chairman P/BC -  Mark Weiss, P/BC - Gerald Fey, Jeff Ohlstrom, Jan Gould P/T, Terron Lindholme P/C, Commodore Michael Day, Board Chairman Barry Stolzman

Guests: Treasurer Ray Rebello, Vice Commodore Doug Genord, Rear Commodore Doug Wadden, Joyce Carlson P/T

Excused Absences: None

Opening Comments: Planning and Finance Chairman Mark Weiss.

Approval of Minutes:  Motioned by Gerald, 2nd by Jeff.  Approval was unanimous.  It was announced that Gerald would be posting all minutes on the QCYC website.  Jan to do November and December minutes.

Bridge Reports: 

-Commodore Michael Day had no report.

-Vice Commodore Doug Genard reported that when signing checks he reviewed the fees for garbage and recycling.  With new contract, QCYC bills will be reduced by $16,000 annually.

-Rear Commodore Doug Wadden had no report.

Board Report: Barry Stolzman, Board Chairman reported he has had an earful about the increases in dues and moorage.  Some comments are there is no cola in membership or moorage, 10/15% increase high and would not be necessary if we controlled costs, etc.  There was a discussion about members who are against moorage/dues increases and how to educate them about the need .  Barry talked about the COLA option but wondered if we need more as that is only 5%.  Mark will report on moorage market at next Board meeting.

Treasurer Report: Ray Rebello: Year end September financials will be finalized next month.

Old Business:

  • Budget Items: 
    • 6$33k for 21-22-overlooked previous year-will be update. 
    • Unknow amount for 22-23-revenue and expenses could be adjusted.
  • 520 updates=Street End Lease:
    • Working with city-meeting every two weeks.  Resolution will be signed with city.
  • Reserve study:
    • Need working session.  Set for November 15 at 6:00 as Zoom meeting. 
  • Need to work with committees (docks, outstation, house, etc) to show how long-term plan works out.  This should be reviewed with committee members.                     
  • ` Future Budget Funding:
    • Review of other clubs dues-Michael will bring to next meeting
    • Market moorage rates-committee reviewed survey from Seattle Yacht Club.  It indicated that covered moorage rates are about 36% of market and open are at 27% of market.  Overall QCYC is at about 33% of market.  It was decided that more work was needed to be done on the message to educate members on where QCYC is in relationship to market.
    • Bylaw updates to add inflation based automatic increases and monthly or quarterly billing will be discussed in future meetings.
    • Still to be addressed is a plan for member vote on bylaws in February so a second vote can take place before summer break and other possible budget process update.

New Business:

  • None



Meeting closed at 7:45.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, Dec 5that 6:00pm Zoom Meeting  (Jan will do minutes)









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