Minutes of Planning and Finance September 5th, 2023

Planning and Finance Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 5  6:00 PM Zoom Meeting 

P&F Committee Members: Chairman P/BC -  Mark Weiss, P/BC - Gerald Fey, Jeff Ohlstrom, Jan Gould P/T, Terron Lindholme P/C, Commodore Michael Day, Board Chairman Rodger McKinley

Guests: Treasurer Ray Rebello, Vice Commodore Doug Genord, Rear Commodore Doug Wadden, Joyce Carlson

Excused Absences: None

Opening Comments: Planning and Finance Chairman Mark Weiss.

Approval of Minutes:  Motioned by Jeff, 2nd by Jan.

Election of new Secretary

Bridge Reports: 

-Commodore Michele Bedner: Budget looks to be on track.

-Vice Commodore Michael Day: No report

-Rear Commodore Doug Genord: Looking at a lot of parking lot options. Nothing yet decided.

Board Report: Rodger McKinley, Board Chair: No report

Treasurer Report: Joyce Carlson/Ray Rebello: Outstation dock ramp & jetty replacement may exceed Board approved amount.

ACTION ITEM: Validate total spend for contract work.  Has there been an update to the established contract?

Old Business:

  • 520 Updates: Mark reported that the work slips move will be part of the 520 contract and main contractor will manage the moves. 
    • City permits are taking an unusually long time. 
    • They made an adjustment in the budget for betterments.
    • We have most of the pedestals, as all need to be replaced.  There are more coming.
  • Budget Items 2023/2024
    • Achieving a balanced budget is challenging due to rising costs of maintenance and goods
    • Discussed 8% moorage increase.
    • Do we have the best marina insurance?
    • There have been website and outstation pier increases.
    • Year over year, we have $70K less in income.
    • V/C Day said we are deferring $120K in needed maintenance items - 15% increase in moorage would be needed to keep up with maintenance.
    • Discussed tying dues increases to the Inflation Index or other ways to increase moorage amounts on a regular basis.
    • Gerald motioned for a 15% moorage increase, passed.  Also suggest to the Board that they consider other ways to regularly increase revenue.


New Business:

  • Reserve Study is coming, 5 year plan review at Oct meeting.



Meeting closed at 8:10pm.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, Oct. 3 at 6:00pm Zoom Meeting


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