Regular Meeting of QCYC June 28, 2023



On June 28, 2023


CALL TO ORDER: Commodore Bedner called the meeting to order at 19:30 hours.


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: C Bedner led attendees in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.  VC Day is on vacation.


MEMBER RECOGNITION: R/C Genord recognized Captains Howard Klock and Joe Grande as the senior and junior members in attendance. R/C Genord also recognized inductees Ashley Smyk and Seth Pike and recognized visiting guests John Kornstein & Stacy Elliot and Christie Goody and friend Jesse.


READING OF THE MINUTESActing Secretary Jeff Ohlstrom read the minutes of the previous meeting. The minutes were approved as read.






COMMODORE: Being the last regular meeting before September, Commodore Bedner had the usual detailed report including:

  • A big thank you to the Fleet Captains for the fantastic Big Brothers weekend.

  • Highlighted (for what seemed to go on for 20 minutes) nearly all the activities and events for the upcoming 4th of July weekend. Thanks to Karen and Vince Robel for putting it all together.

  • Friday lunch is discontinued for the summer, Saturday breakfast to continue after 4th of July.

  • Labor Day – “Yacht Camp” upcoming Sept 1-4. Counselor Josh Hoffman provided an “inspiring” poem to encourage registrations.

  • Finally – be sure to talk up QCYC when out cruising this summer. Greet other members flying the Burge and mention membership to other boaters.


VICE COMMODORE: R/C Genord on behalf of VC Day self-reported:

  • That the R/C continues to do a remarkable job.

  • That all the duties, responsibilities, and accomplishments of Michaels’s V/C year were due to the R/C’s efforts.

  • Enjoy summer cruising!


REAR COMMODORE: No report after that


FLEET CAPTAINS: Fleet Captain Steve Behen thanked all participants in the Big Brothers weekend, particularly Captains Hancock. 28 boats attended. Further, he thanked all members who helped and made the fleet events enjoyable during the past year.


RULES & BY-LAWS: PC Scott Grimm & PC Bill McGillan reviewed the by-laws vote before the membership to clarify the nomenclature and roles of the By-Law and History Committees. There being no further questions, discussion or objections, a motion was made and seconded to approve the proposed by-laws by unanimous vote. The motion so passed, and the changes are so recorded herein by the Secretary. PC Grimm further requested volunteers for the History committee to record photos, etc.


INDUCTION CEREMONY: Membership chair Valerie Ohlstrom presided over the induction of Captains Ashley Smyk and Seth Pike into the Club.




MEMBERSHIP: 379 Active, 564 total. Openings expected in the Fall per normal. Take brochures to hand out to interested boaters this summer.


BILGE PUMP: C Bedner on behalf of Pete Delaunay advised there is no Bilge pump in August.


TARETTES: Captain Wendy Delaunay reviewed the new Tarettes officers for 2023-2024. Reminded members of the Steak Fry Sept 22. Captain Debbie Foote indicated a desire to republish the QCYC Centennial cookbook and that ad’s are available to cover the publication costs.


CLOSING DAY: Captain Mark Vanderwall in his inimitable style reviewed this year’s Closing Day event. It will be a two-day event Friday and Saturday Sept 22-23. It will feature the traditional Tarettes steak fry on Friday, the return of Entertainment night including Docks skit competition, expanded Saturday parade participation by dock, and all the other drill teams, races, and meals as part of the day. 


FISHING DERBY: Captain Matt Grimm indicated that this year’s Derby will be Sept 15-16 at the outstation.



  • Eric Lindbeck thanked PC Krows for providing cookies for the docks work.

  • PC Grimm – updated on bids for repair/replace to the main entry gate.  Further reminded members to be vigilant about everything in the parking lot.


NEW BUSINESS: Captain Judy Wilson thanked the Bridge & Board for their help with a difficult member situation and encouraged vigilant vetting of prospective members.


RECEPTION: R/C Genord acknowledged the senior and junior members and visiting guest in attendance. He further reported that 67 members were present in the room. 8 Past Commodores were present and recognized.


DOLLAR POT: Friday lunches winners were Captains Val Ohlstrom and Lynn Hancock. The dollar pot was won by PBC Doug Wadden.


GOOD & WELFARE: Provided by Mark Vanderwall.


NEXT MEETING: The next meeting September 13th. Have a wonderful summer!


The meeting was adjourned at 20:35 hours.


Respectfully Submitted 


Jeff Ohlstrom

Acting Secretary

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Regular Meeting